How COVID-19 Will Help You Reach Your Goals This Year

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Coronavirus. Covid-19, SARS Version 2 – whatever it is, whatever you want to call it, it has brought the world to its knees. There hasn’t been anything quite like it in, well ever. Not in our lifetimes that’s for sure.

Never have we seen a state of uncertainty so extreme that whole countries are on total lockdown.

The strangest part of it all however, is not that we don’t know when we’ll be allowed back into work, when we’ll be able to sit that next class or if we’ll ever see another brick of gold full 12 pack of toilet paper on that supermarket shelf without a melee on isle 4.

No. The strangest part is that amidst all the madness, we’ve all been presented with an opportunity like no other, and in all likelihood we will never have one quite like it in our lifetimes…

The opportunity of time.

A good time to reset. Develop new sleeping practices, try something different, a new morning routine.

To avoid being insensitive at this early stage, this will likely apply to those who have the option to stay/work from home over the coming weeks. Even then many of you may not want to but will have to find a way to make it work.

Want to know how people around the world are getting more sleep? more content here:

And then just knowing there are some of us who are forced to be outside working patrolling empty offices running underused public transport, it gives everyone a second extra to think about their situation and the things you can change in their lives.

Our time has been given back to us. Some of us will use that time to catch up on Netflix, many will use it to post memes along the lines of “Quarantine Day 20: I’ve finally caught the monster under the bed”, but most of you, will likely sit in awe getting news updates and watching the spectacle as it consumes the airwaves.

Some of you will acknowledge that you’ve just gained not 1 not 2, but 4 hours extra to your day.

1 hour in the morning, used to get ready for work

1 hour door to door, from home to office desk

1 hour door to door, from office to house clothes

1 hour between 11pm and midnight, getting ready for the next working day.

What’s that? 20 extra hours a week? And for the bright stars among you, 21 hours if you include Sunday night!

That’s why here at the NiteKite, we’re inviting all readers to just…breathe. For the first time in years for many, the pressure has been building. The sleep trade-off has been paying dividends at work, or not.

But for the first time, it’s not your choice. Its out of your hands. The decision has been made. Some will be given the chance to work at home, for better or worse, some wont have to work at all – and in both circumstances many of you will still be paid, all while having access to these extra ours of “me-time”.

What will you do with them?

Scroll through endless social media feeds?

Catch up on day time TV?

Well one thing you won’t be doing, is socialising.


Start up that project you’ve been putting off for years? Decades?

Read that book you’ve been meaning to read? Read all 10 of them?

Learn that new skill that’s going to get you the dream job?

Catch up on much needed family time?

One thing you shouldn’t put off is sleep, there won’t be a better time to invest in better sleeping practice, you’ll be amazed at what that extra hour will do over the course of the coming months, and years.

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