What can a weighted blanket do for me?

How does it differ from a regular duvet ?

The average goose down duvet weighs between 700g(1.5lbs) and 850g(1.88lbs). Weighted blankets for adults are on average between 7 – 11kg(15 – 24lbs)

I experience insomnia, will it help ?

Yes. Insomnia can happen for a number of reasons, for some it is temporary and not a chronic issue. The NiteKite is designed to reduce movement and shuffling to calm the mind.

How does it help with anxiety ?

Weighted blankets were designed to provide Deep Pressure Therapy to help children on the autistic spectrum sleep easier. Mainstream research showed that the sensation of a “hug” is enough to slow brain activity down and easy mental health issues when trying to sleep, including anxiety.

How do i choose the right size blanket ?

Research on the effectiveness of weighted blankets advises the user to pick near to 10% of their body weight for the best results. However, at 7kg the average blanket is over 10 times as heavy as a regular duvet and should be a good starting point.


As part of our promise, we want you to be happy with your purchase. Weighted blankets are growing in popularity, but everyone has their preferences. If you don’t want it after 100 nights, simply send it back, for a full refund.


Not at all. Some users have discovered that the sensation of Deep Pressure Therapy is one they had been missing out on! weighted blankets can lead to easier, faster sleep, which many will benefit from.