Acupressure Mat
A Massage Without The Masseuse

Acupressure Mat Reviews

"As someone with chronic headaches and - lately - am in constant pain. I started using this and felt genuine improvement. Plan to keep using for a while!"

- Anne Dennings

"Had just about tried everything to help with my back. I love mine I've had sciatica, and after half hour on this it's just so much better."

- Sandy C.

"It definitely takes some getting used to! But it can be such a fun experience! it works well under your feet and when working sitting for long hours"

- Doug A.

5000 years of innovation

Based on ancient Indian relaxation tools, an acupressure mat, aptly named "Bed of Nails", is not a new piece of equipment. As long as we've walked the earth, poor sleeping positions have affected our recovery, and created a need for muscle strengthening and deep tissue relaxation.

Acupuncture without needles

There's no need to fear. The Acupressure Mat converts the more advanced practice of acupuncture into one for all, safely, in the comfort of your own home. Each mat comes with slightly elevated "lotus" spikes at a depth that provides a novel and refreshing experience unlike anything you can get at home.

Acupressure Mat

The Acupressure Mat Experience

Acupressure Mat Information

Acupressure Mat UK

Dynamic and Adjustable

Acupressure Mats UK
Place your acupressure mat on a chair, on a mattress or on the floor for standing or laying down - for use all over the house.

Lotus Spike Design

UK Acupressure Mats
Each plate has over 20 evenly placed pressure-points to provide the perfect balance of pain and pleasure and ultimately reward.

Instant Portability

Acupressure Mat & Bag
The Acupressure Set comes with Pillow and and Travelbag so you can take it anywhere - good for long-haul flights!
Acupressure Mat UK

Order your acupressure mat today and feel "the Storm before the Calm" !

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