NiteKite™ "Acupressure" Body Mat | Mind & Body Rejuvenation


If you’ve wondered what acupuncture is all about, the acupressure mats unlock the benefits of acupuncture to relax your body and ease your mind, in the comfort of your own home.

How can it benefit me?

The “Lotus” Spike Acupressure Mat works in just 20 minutes. Spikes apply pressure to your skin and muscles to support:

– Deep, restful sleep
– Healthy circulation
– Relaxation of tense muscles
– Soothing of headaches
– Relief from stress
– Relaxed body and mind
– Improved vitality

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“Acupressure” Home Remedy Acupuncture Body Mat for Mind & Body Rejuvenation


How do I use it?

The most popular ways to use The Acupressure “Bed of Nails” Mat are on the neck, shoulders, back and feet, however your entire body can benefit. Simply let The Mat apply pressure to your body by lying on top of it for gradually increasing lengths of time.

What can I expect?

For most, The Acupressure Mat hurts at first. This soon transforms into sensations of tingling, pulsating, and warmth. It takes a few minutes to get past the intensity and over the ‘hump’ before being left with a sense of calm, well-being, and restoration.



I have sensitive skin, should I use this?

Materials: Sponge interior + cotton cover and eco-friendly plastic for the “lotus” spikes

The sensation will be a new and uncomfortable one – initially. But a quality acupressure mat should be good enough for most users beginner or advanced. If the effect is too intense at first, a thin shirt can be worn to ease your body into the sensation. Over time as your body adjusts you can move to bare-skin for the full tension-relieving, acupuncture experience.

Acupressure Mat Facts


Will it work for me?

Our acupressure mat is best utilised as a self-care tool, that when built as a part of a routine, unlocks multiple long-term benefits. IF you’ve tried and don’t like the acupuncture experience, just return it, we offer a 60-day return policy.

If you do, great, welcome to a new paradigm of relaxation.

Acupressure Mat Benefits

Why NiteKite™?

We are committed to bringing quality products that bring comfort and relief to our customers. The NiteKite™ Team is not about temporary fixes. We only produce products which provide long lasting and consistent mental and physical relaxation.


Next-Day Delivery for orders before 3pm

With the current situation improving we are back to sending deliveries out within 24 hours, and when ordered on time, next-day delivery.


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  1. Isadore N.

    It really works –

    Used it with a thin t-shirt – 20 mins
    Wow! Think I will get addicted. Used deep breathing technique for first few minutes. Genuinely feel the benefit. Will be using again before bed. Coming off it was ‘interesting’. Bit like pulling a plaster off…

  2. Karen J.

    Great product, and they even replaced mine when it got flat. I like to use the pillow under my feet when sitting – it has more use than just under the neck!

  3. Melanie Green

    These Mats are amazing ! Relieves back pain… x
    Even better with the Pillow!

  4. TayLor

    Got the pillow a little later, delivery was slow but it came in a week. Definitely recommend the pillow under your feet it’s good when working or sitting for long

  5. Sue French (verified owner)

    Excellent product, well made and great quality. Don’t go for cheap Chinese copies it’s not worth it! GB company with 10/10 customer service. Highly recommend.

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